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Sherryjane Cooke League City (Houston area,) Texas Quote
 · Feb 16 2014 9:31

Jerry and all, I ADORE the new song and the new video "In the Ground!" I've listened to some of your amazing songs before and am never disappointed! With this new one, I am in awe! It is THE most masterfully created blending of songwriting, perfect vocals and harmonies, background fiddle and and I love how the lyrics sneak up on you with each line and continuing scenes. The song, with its toe-tapping sound, fiddle and flair, catches you off guard while you shockingly realize you are being drawn deeper and deeper (symbolized by the stark forest of dead trees) into the raw, cold chill of death. You realize through the song's lyrics and vision of what he is carrying! It's the dramatic loss of love, emotion, sanity - and life. Figuratively and literally, the song's passion mirrors the intensity of the video and hypnotically takes us deep inside the mind of this man driven by madness to kill his love no matter what the consequences. This is sheer and powerful genius. Bravo, you guys! This should be a number one hit (and would even add great value to a movie score.) Spectacular! 

Sherryjane CookeNational Country Music Examiner

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