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Pushwater is a full-time touring country-Americana-roots band

Performing over 200 shows a year.

We've won and/or been nominated for several Texas Music Awards including:

Live Band of the Year- 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Song of the Year- 2015

Houston's Best Battle Of The Band's 2018

As well as few radio singles!

Artists we've opened for:

Cody Jinks

Johnny Lee

John Conlee

Kevin Fowler

Stoney LaRue

Zane Williams

Whiskey Myers

Arron Lewis

William Clark Green

Deryl Dodd

The Dirty River Boys

Brandon Ryder

Josh Ward

Whitey Morgan

Jody booth

And many more!

We are well versed in solo, two, three, and four piece acoustic performances, as well as two, three, and four piece full band performances!

Check us, and our music out at:

Jesse Duke - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, booking and management. I was born in Mexia Texas on January 30th 1981 to Jerry and Cynthia Duke. I was raised, for the most part, in a small town called Jewett Texas; population eight hundred. Although, my father was a boilermaker and moved us around to a few other states between the ages of 10 and 14, by my 7th grade year I was back at Leon Independent School District, home of the fighting cougars, from which I would eventually graduate. I've always loved to write songs for as long as I can remember. In fact, I only learned to play the guitar so that I could play the songs that I had written. I played guitar and wrote songs for years and years from that point on. I mostly just performed to my friends, around campfires and on tailgates. I began playing drums at the age of 15, I played for my family's band, Duke's Country. Duke's Country was comprised of my grandfather Jerry D. Duke (lead guitar and vocals), my father Jerry L. Duke (bass guitar and vocals) my uncle Eddie Duke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and, of course, myself on drums. A family band mentality has always been in our blood. I met the love of my life, and inspiration for many of my songs, when I was 19 years old. Her name was Ashley Diane Foster and from the second I saw her I knew that I would someday change her name to Duke. we married two and a half years later. I began down the path that my father had been on for decades in the construction industry, the same year that I met Ashley, at the age of 19. I worked in the construction industry as rigger and pipe fitter until the age of 27, at which time I decided to leave the construction industry and start my own business in home remodeling. Along the way Ashley and I had a beautiful daughter, Sky Lei Duke, in October of 2003. Followed by a son, Jerry Levi Duke, in March of 2005. They both play instruments and write songs constantly. It's not their fault, it's in their blood. I'm currently the lead singer and manager of Pushwater. We are a full-time, Country-Americana band that tours all over this great state of Texas bringing our version of country music to the ears of would-be listeners. I'm proud to say that I have been a professional musician for 8 years now. It is what I was put on this planet to do, and it is never lost on me how extremely lucky I am to be able to do this with my family.

Eddie Dean Duke - lead guitar, backing vocals, ukulele, banjo. I was born in Baytown Texas on December 16th 1991 to Eddie and Eugenia Duke. I was raised in Jewett Texas to the age of 5 when my parents got divorced. I then move to Palestine Texas when my father remarried in 1997. I moved back to Leon County my freshman year in high School where I would graduate at Leon Independent School District. My father played music his whole life in Duke's country, the family band. Later in life my father began preaching at different churches and playing Christian country music. At the age of 4 I started singing with my dad at various churches. When I was 12 years old my dad started making me learn guitar it would make me practice everyday for hours trying to ensure that I would follow in his footsteps. One day I finally told him and I didn't want to be anything like him I didn't want to play music I wanted to do my own thing and find my own way. Very reluctantly, he stopped teaching me how to play music. Until one day I heard him in his bedroom playing the Sweet Home Alabama guitar lick and I was hooked. After that everything but music felt like a waste of time I didn't eat I didn't play with my friends or my brothers all I did and thought about was play guitar. I join the school band and 6th grade playing the euphonium which is basically a baby tuba. I excelled in band winning numerous competitions. After High School I went to Sam Houston State University to earn a music education degree I studied Theory and musicianship and methods class for all instruments. But between all the theory rules in the vigorous schedule of playing my horn all the time in the Sam Houston state marching band and various other bands that I was forced to play in I had zero time to play My Guitar. I began to hate music because I couldn't express myself freely through it. I didn't listen to the radio I stopped humming, singing and whistling all the time which is not me at all. I didn't switch from music education to General business because I thought if I can't do what I love which is playing music that I might as well make some money. With the transition to business, I began to love music again. I started playing my guitar non stop, listening to various artists trying to expand my knowledge and improvisation skills on my guitar. After spinning my wheels in business school for a couple of years, battling this soul wrenching desire to play music, I got a call from Jesse asking if I would fill in on lead guitar, which of course I said yes. I began playing lead guitar with my family and bringing harmony to the Push Water band. I begin playing with push water 5 years ago and my life has never been the same. I could not be happier living my dream creating beautiful music for all of our fans. But the best thing about playing music for all these years is doing it with your family. I can't wait to see what the future holds and what this perfect Blend of Texas country, Americana / Folk brings to the world.

John Edward Sunkes – Backup vocals, Percussion, Mandolin. I was born in Memorial City Hospital on July 25th, 1991 to John and Latisha Sunkes. The youngest of four, I spent my childhood years living in the Houston area. My father worked pretty much any job he could get his hands on. My mother worked at a car repossession and auction site. While I was young, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. The diagnosis led to many arguments between my parents and at eight years old, my mother moved us to the middle of nowhere in Jewett, Texas. The next few years we bounced back and forth between Houston and Jewett as my parents tried to reconcile. When I was ten, I was told that my father’s illness was terminal. My mother went to rehab to get clean, and I went back to Leon County to live with my grandparents. Later that year, the cancer metastasized from his lungs to his brain. He passed away on October 14th, 2001. When I was twelve, my brother got an acoustic guitar for his birthday. He let me strum it one time and that was all it took. I basically stole it from him. From then on, I knew that music was going to be an important part of my life. When my mother got out of rehab, my siblings and I were separated with different family members across the country. I would spend my teenage summers with my sister living with my aunt down in Katy, Texas. My uncle was a drummer and kept an old set in the garage. Every day we had friends over and we would end up in the garage blasting music. One day I found myself sitting down at that old drum set. Clueless, I just started beating whatever sounded cool until I learned to keep a beat. I was captivated by music. Every genre just presented a different take. I listened to everything trying to soak in every aspect. I took music history and music theory classes for years trying to learn everything that was out there. In 2010, I got a call from my cousin Jesse Duke. He said he needed someone to fill in for drums for a band he was starting. I was originally intended to be a temporary, but I just stuck. I married my wife in 2014. A few months later, we had our first daughter Elissa. I started working at Woody’s Smokehouse to fill in my time and wallet while not on the road. Trying to balance life at home, work, and traveling with the band left me with a lot of sleepless nights. In 2016, we had our second daughter Aria. We all still live here in Leon County. I can honestly say that it has been a privilege following my cousins across Texas and spreading our version of Texas Country/ Americana music. It’s been eight years since I got that phone call from Jesse and we’re still “…chasing that neon rainbow, living that honkytonk dream.”

Jerry L. Duke -  bass guitar, backing vocals, night driver, "chief cook and bottle washer".

I was born and raised my preteen years in the Texas Gulf Coast area. My family were “Shrimpers”, Construction Contractors, Farmers, Cattlemen and Musicians. Not necessarily in any order. I was born in Lamarque, TX, we lived in Bacliff,TX moved to Houston,TX and then to Brookside near Pearland, TX. When I was six years old, my Daddy built me a miniature Electric Guitar that He tried to teach me to play (being that He was a Lead Guitar Player) but I liked dragging it around the yard instead of trying to play any kind of Music. He took it from me and put it away. When I was 7 or 8 he was playing 4 nights a week/working 5 days a week and was trying to learn to play the Fiddle also. He needed someone to play rhythm Guitar, while he practiced the Fiddle so he showed me a few cords on the Guitar and we learned a lot of music together. We Moved to Jewett, TX. When I was 13 by the time I turned 15 Dad had us playing in VFW’s and Honky-tonks up here in the Country. We put Bass Guitar Strings on an old Gibson Hollow body Guitar and I was hooked on Bass from then on. I love the low tones that you feel throughout your Soul. I ended up joining the USN by the time I turned 17 and Married My wife Cynthia at the age of 18 we raised 2 children, Jesse Duke (leader of Pushwater) and our sweet Daughter Stacey McCeig. When I was 20 we had Jesse and I could tell he was born to Entertain, but he was a little shy, until he noticed Girls loved the songs that he wrote for them. I drug my family all over half of Hell, Throughout half of the USA, Working, just trying to make a living! I mostly built Coal Powered Power Plants. I finally moved us back Home and worked maintenance at our local Power Plant. In 2010 Jesse asked if I wanted to help form a Band with Him. Well I have been hooked ever since. A Man can’t have a Job any better than mine. You just can’t beat being able to work with your Family like I do. Every member of Pushwater is Family by blood. We all went to the same High school (Decades apart of course) The Stage is our Home away from Home. We live there comfortably, as a Family should!



Raised on four part harmony, I love when the vocals reflect a true blended harmony. You do it well. Money Tree-***** (5 stars)”

— Noel Miller (Idaho)

Push Water is a family band. A father, son and two cousins have joined together to bring their version of Country music to Texas and wherever else the road leads them. At any venue large or small you'll find the Push Water Band family pounding out Texas music with plenty of soul. Push Water is: Jesse Duke - Vocals, Rythym Guitar, Jerry Duke - Bass, Eddie Duke - Lead Guitar and John Sunkes - Drums.

Push Water Band is proud to be the record holder of the 2011 Texas Music Awards "Live Band of the Year" and nominated again for 2012, 2014"Live Band Of The Year"

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