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We're gonna play, flood or not! Y'all come out to Bob N Jeans! Wear your rain boots! Or no shoes at all! There's already a crowd here! Baytown/Crosby folks ain't scared! 
Floods can't stop this honky-tonk from throwing a great party 
Week after week, the Houston area has been slammed with storms that have caused flooding, damage and heartbreak. On Saturday, Texas-born band Pushwater took the flooding situation into its own hands and decided to put some normality back into the community of Crosby. 
The Pushwater Band has a monthly gig at Bob n' Jeans bar in Crosby, and on Saturday, the band announced through Facebook Live that even though the bar itself was flooded in about 4 to 6 inches of rainwater, the outlaw country music group would still be there for those who wanted to have a "pool party" with some line dancing. 
"We've played in the mud," lead singer Jesse Duke said. "But never in a flooded venue." 
The bar, which has been flooded out multiple times before, according to Duke, was renovated to move the wiring higher, so no water can get to it and, apparently, so bands can still perform in the flooded venue. 
"I just want to thank the people in Baytown and Crosby for supporting us," Duke said. "It says a lot about our fans for them to come out and hear us in those kinds of conditions. They've all been cooped up in the house for two weeks. They didn't care about what kind of conditions they had to brave to come out." 
Although the bar was flooded, the road was clear for people to come and go without danger, according to Duke. 
And they came to dance. 
Geared up with trashy tennis shoes or rain boots, several locals are seen in a video recorded by Angela Rives dancing along to Pushwater's Texas-twang music in ankle-deep water. 
Pushwater's name seems extremely appropriate for this concert venue, but it has had that name since the family band formed about six years ago. The word "pushwater" honors Duke's grandfather, who got all of the members interested in music. "Pushwater" was the grandfather's name for gasoline.

ABC News 13 Houston Texas 
Monday, June 06, 2016 10:31PM 
CROSBY, TX (KTRK) -- A little flooding over the weekend wasn't going to stop a party in Crosby. 
Parts of Baytown and Crosby were under water late last week from flooding, including the bar Bob N Jeans. Video from inside the club Saturday night shows patrons dancing in ankle-deep water to the band, appropriately enough called Pushwater. 
Before the show, Pushwater posted to Facebook, saying that the show will go on, flooding or not, while showing the inside and outside of the club. 
Pushwater Front man Jesse Duke says they'd already driven from Jewett to Crosby by time they found out the bar had taken on water. 
"By the time we got down there, I called the manager to ask how it was. She said it was flooded. I said we're gonna come take a look anyway. And when we got there, there were people dancing and playing pool and sitting at the bar drinking. That was at 6pm," Duke said. 
And the dancing didn't stop. 
"It was awesome," said Bob N Jeans employee Angie Rives. "That's why I did the video. Because I wanted everybody else to see how awesome it was to see everybody here, no matter water or whatever, having a good time dancing in the water." 
We asked Jesse Duke if they were worried about the possibility that someone could get electrocuted. 
"My father, who plays bass guitar for me, he's a pretty darn good electrician. And he noticed that all the breakers were GFCI, all the plugs were safe, they were four feet off the ground," he said. "I said, 'Dad is there any chance that anything could happen electrically?' He said no, they've actually engineered/retrofitted this building in a manner that would keep everyone safe. Once he told me that, we just went with it." 
And they created one of the most memorable nights in the band and this building's history.


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